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Benefits Of News Personalization
Examples & Use Cases

Your readers generate a lot of data. AKINGO News uses this data to create a seamless, personalized experience for each user right on your existing website. This allows your readers to easily access their prefered content, meaning they’re more likely to engage, share, and subscribe — and you’re more likely to reach your revenue targets.

Readers can explore a customized edition of your news site as our software utilizes their behavioral and universal data to adjust their content accordingly. Readers also have the option of providing their own data using a settings form tucked quietly into your website. They can improve the level of personalization by selecting content they like and excluding content they don’t like.

Behavioral data
  • Prefers or ignores content from certain topics, sections, and tags; for example, a reader might frequent the politics section but never read any sports-related articles (or vice versa)
  • Prefers certain types of content like short text, long text, photos, or videos
  • Prefers or ignores content from certain content creators such as editors or columnists
  • Interacts with certain content by commenting, sharing, or liking
  • Interacts with certain website features; for example, most viewed or most shared content
  • Missed certain content due to not visiting website for a certain period of time
  • Certain behavioral schemes that lead to assumptions; for example, a potential jobseeker or someone with assumed high brand affinity
Universal data
  • Geolocation: network-provided
  • Time of day: for example, breakfast, lunch break, relaxing after work, or commute times
  • Day of week: for example, a working day or weekend
  • Weather: for example, temperature or inclement conditions
  • Time of the year: for example, season, upcoming holidays, and special events
User-provided data
  • Selects or excludes topics, sections, or tags using the integrated settings form
  • Reacts to content using a thumbs up feature or emotive icons
  • Social graph when the news site uses social networking features
Our Story & Our Vision
Ian Florian Scheel

In 2013, Ian Florian Scheel founded AKINGO, today Capely, as a consulting firm for digital/web analytics, a/b/n testing, conversion rate optimization, website personalization, and data analysis. Since then, the company has conducted projects in a myriad of industries: travel, advertising, energy, transportation, retail, insurance, and gambling. Before he started the company, Ian studied economics and business administration. During this time, he built two commercial online magazines about mobile phones and pets. He later joined one of Germany’s largest publishing houses as a web analytics manager. Still, his passion for journalism remained, and in 2016, he quit the consulting business to develop a software solution geared to help publishers become more successful online. He formed a team of technology enthusiasts to bring AKINGO News to life.

Our vision is to put control back into the hands of publishers.

Digital News Initiative Logo Although content is still king, many digital news outlets are struggling to finance journalism with online revenues. Today, the most successful content platform doubles as the world’s largest social network. Facebook is so successful because it provides a highly personalized and optimized news feed that keeps users engaged. Similarly, AKINGO News tailors news to the reader to create the most enjoyable reading experience possible. We use our technology to take a unique approach to delivering digital news, allowing each visitor to consume the content they want to read and share. With our pluggable, CMS-independent solution, we provide digital news outlets with the tools needed to increase their profitability. We are very proud and extremely thankful that our vision is supported by Google’s Digital News Initiative, a fund for innovative projects that contribute to the entire news ecosystem.
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