Data as a Service: Key benefits and why you should switch

DaaS is a modern approach, and similar to SaaS (Software as a Service). Everything gets taken care of for you:

You can 100% focus on your goals and daily tasks while we collect analytics / clickstream / behavioral data for you:

  • Browser events
  • Mobile app events
  • API events
  • Server events
  • Database events

Data as a Service: How does it compare?

Our DaaS approachTraditional approach
Initial implementationCape.lyYou / vendor / agency
Ongoing maintenance / updatesCape.lyOften forgotten
Number of implementations requiredOne for all toolsUsually one per tool
End-to-end responsibility for dataCape.lyShared (not good)
Vendor deliverablesDataServices
Deliverables measurementData quality criteriaUsually hours
Flat annual feeYesUsually not
Vendor incentive for issue-free dataYesWell…
Data quality guaranteeYesUsually none
Experience collecting high-quality dataOver a decadeUsually quite limited
Data collected how many timesOnly onceUsually once per tool
Working with customer’s ITCape.lyYou / vendor / agency
Same data in many tools and pipelinesYesUsually not
Sole business focus on quality dataCape.lyUsually not
Our DaaS approachTraditional approach

Full user journeys: One unified data stream of your users’ behavior

With over 10 years of experience, we guarantee the quality of the user-related event data we collect for you from:

  • Your websites and web apps
  • Your iOS and Android apps
  • Your other user-related systems

Let us take care of implementation complexities and related data issues. Our Data as a Service can be sent directly to:

  • Your data stacks / pipelines
  • Your marketing technologies / tag managers
  • Your analytics tools

Consent-aware & compliant: One unified data stream of your users’ behavior

With over 10 years of experience, we guarantee the quality of the user-related event data we collect for you from:

  • Your websites and web apps
  • Your iOS and Android apps
  • Your other user-related systems

Let us take care of implementation complexities and related data issues. Our Data as a Service can be sent directly to:

  • Your data stacks / pipelines
  • Your marketing technologies / tag managers
  • Your analytics tools

What does

  • Collect event data and provide it to downstream consumers
  • Work with your IT on our highly automated implementation
  • Guarantee the data quality based on 10+ years of experience

What doesn’t do

  • Store data long-term or provide analytics features
  • Read from downstream consumers or do reverse ETL
  • Not an agency, a data lake, a CDP, or an analytics tool

Data as a Service

Focus on creating business value with data you can trust and build on.

Stop worrying about data issues. Use your tools to their fullest potential.

Let us take care of everything, based on our 10+ years of experience.

For a yearly flat fee: Ready-to-use, high-quality event data

Analytics vendors offer tools, agencies offer consulting services. We provide the end product, the data, as a service.

With data quality and reliability being our sole focus, we enable you and your stakeholders to focus on your use cases.

Similar to SaaS, our Data as a Service approach is worry-free and about 50% more cost-effective than traditional models.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing software solutions and service providers by taking care of the implementation.

New to the US, but more than a decade of experience in EU and Canada

The company has conducted data-centric projects in a myriad of industries on both sides of the Atlantic, solving data issues and building data pipelines:

The difference between DaaS and agencies / consultants

More than a decade of consulting and helping clients with their data issues has made us realize that the approach to collect data to create value is inherently broken.

Most companies work with their service providers on their data collection together. Unfortunately, shared responsibilities don’t work for increasingly complex implementations.

Instead, we recommend to make the data and its quality the responsibility of just one party so that the deliverable can be measured, and somebody can be held accountable.

Our DaaS comes with a data quality guarantee and can be used by you and your partners. We believe that agencies create a lot of value, but data creation requires undivided attention.

You need to measure everything to answer the why, not just the what

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. And if you don’t measure enough, a lot of questions remain unanswered making it difficult to provide actionable insights.

You may have been given this advice before: Focus on a few important data points and make sure that data is accurate and reliable. We strongly disagree with this limiting approach.

Transactional data answers the what, event data answers the why. So if you want to answer the why, you need a complete picture of what happened, as everything can affect a user’s behavior.

Our Data as a Service aims to cover everything. And if something is missing and technically possible, we add it.

Enabling all your use cases that require quality event data

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Marketing spend allocation / ROI optimization
  • User journey and user behavior analytics
  • Product analytics / user experience analytics
  • Dashboards and reports, e.g. for management
  • One 360 degree view on the customer or user
  • Ecommerce analytics, e.g. checkout funnels
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Churn reduction
  • Customer activation
  • Dynamic pricing
  • a/b/n testing and personalization

Got a use case that isn’t listed here? Please let us know.

Stop worrying about data collection and quality: We’ve got it covered

We focus 100% on collecting the best data possible and covering as much of the user journey as possible. Unlike agencies, we don’t analyze the data, and unlike analytics vendors, we don’t store any data and use it.

Our sole focus is the data and its quality, so we constantly adjust your implementation to technological changes, and integrate the data from various sources:

  • Websites, SPAs, PWAs, etc.
  • iOS, Android, smart device apps
  • Ads, online & offline user journey
  • CRMs, emails, SMS, chats, calls, etc.

Spend less time on tedious data tasks and focus on creating value through your use cases.

Your data and its quality are constantly monitored

We have been collecting high-quality event data for over a decade. Our DaaS platform incorporates everything we have learned along the way to ensure your data is accurate. These are just some of the features:

  • Data schema validation
  • Data schema monitoring and alerting
  • Data transformations and customizations
  • Ability to apply custom business logic to the data
  • User identity resolution
  • PII pseudonymization and anonymization

Our platform covers the entire data creation process.

A new and modern approach to collecting and using event data: Single Source of Truth by design

From a data architecture perspective, analytics tools, data stacks, and marketing technologies are all just data pipelines that consist of the same components:

  • Creating / collecting data
  • Processing data
  • Storing data
  • Using data / creating value

Instead of having all these solutions create redundant, usually inconsistent, and often low-quality data, it’s better to create data only once and focus on its quality.

With our DaaS, you can stream the same data into different MarTech tools, analytics solutions, and data pipelines to ensure overall consistency and remove redundancies.

One tool-agnostic, future-proof, and cost-effective implementation for everything

Our implementation is the last one you’ll ever need, and you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll replace all your current legacy implementations and data collectors with just one.

Free your websites and apps from legacy code slowing them down (maybe even breaking them) to make a lot of people very happy:

  • Your users and customers
  • Your UX / site reliability team
  • Your security and compliance team

The data we collect for you can be used with all kinds of marketing technologies and data stacks.

Your goals are automatically our goals due to our business model

You need high-quality data continuously, not just now, because data use cases take time to implement and usually get more profitable over time.

Our business model is built around long-term partnerships. Everything we do is thought through and meant to work for a long time.

We have learned from a decade of experience that quick fixes, workarounds, and makeshift (or band-aid) solutions don’t last.

We have huge initial implementation efforts, so if we don’t earn your business for a second year, we lose money. This sets us apart from other service providers.

Keep your data compliant with privacy rules and regulations

Your data is one of your biggest assets, but could also be one of your biggest liabilities due to legal compliance requirements.

Reduce your risk with our legal compliance framework that covers North America and Europe. We also support a variety of Consent Management Platforms.

Coming originally from Europe, we have many years of experience dealing with strict privacy laws. That’s why, with just a few clicks, you can set up:

  • Anonymization
  • Pseudonymization
  • Cohort-based analytics
  • and more!

DaaS for partners: Agencies, consultants, vendors, platforms

Our DaaS platform is not limited to “end users”. You can use it for your customers as well, for example:

  • Agencies that offer data-driven services, e.g. ads
  • Consultants that build pipelines with user event data
  • Vendors of solutions that consume event data, e.g. marketing technologies
  • Platform providers that need analytics features in their products, e.g. B2B SaaS

Instead of dealing with data issues, focus on creating value for your customers. Our DaaS takes care of everything behind the scenes so you can focus on core features and services.

Fixing data issues downstream is exponentially more expensive

A high-quality implementation to collect high-quality data costs more than a low-quality one, but dealing with low-quality data incurs even more costs downstream.

You have probably heard of “garbage in, garbage out” (or GIGO), which further contributes to the problem: The further downstream you move, the less likely it gets that you can actually fix your data.

That’s why our platform includes:

  • Data models optimized for data science use cases
  • Schema enforcement and data contracts
  • Constant adjustments to evolving environments
  • Event data based on best practices from a decade of experience

Data optimized for data science, machine learning, and AI

The data we produce for you is suitable for rather basic data use cases, but supports advanced use cases as well.

Because our DaaS is one single data stream, we put a lot of effort to assure its general compatibility and versatility.

Our data is optimized for programmatic consumption first, so any data point that can exist on its own is kept separate, for example.

You can use the transformation features of our DaaS platform to adjust the data to your needs, e.g. localizing, modeling for specific use cases, or preparing for specific analysis.