Data as a Service (DaaS)

  • High-quality data collected for you: Analytics / clickstream / event data
  • Includes technical implementation
  • Comes with data quality guarantee

Single Source of Truth

  • One data source for all your tools
  • Use it for marketing technologies
  • Stream it into your data pipelines
  • Implement your data use cases

Focus on creating value

Create value from data use cases instead of fighting data issues

Focus on use cases and value

  • Why did one user convert and another not?
  • Why does one campaign perform better than another?
  • Why did a customer cancel their order or subscription?
  • Why did a user require assistance from support?

Stop worrying about data issues

  • Why is tool A reporting 20% more than tool B?
  • Why are certain data points missing in tool C?
  • Why is X higher than Y, if that’s logically impossible?
  • Why is the value of Z suddenly a string, not a number?