Regardless of your role, data issues shouldn’t worry you: Focus on creating value instead

We provide analytics / clickstream / event data like SaaS. With our Data as a Service, everything is done for you:

  • We collect your event data (implementation included)
  • We handle issues with your data
  • We monitor and validate your data
  • We optimize your data for usability

We guarantee quality event data to support your use cases, and support all kinds of roles, please select yours below:

One data source for all your tools and use cases – quality guaranteed

With over 10 years of experience, we guarantee the quality of the user-related event data we collect for you from:

  • Your websites and web apps
  • Your iOS and Android apps
  • Your other user-related systems

Let us take care of implementation complexities and related data issues. Our Data as a Service can be sent directly to:

  • Your data stacks / pipelines
  • Your marketing technologies / tag managers
  • Your analytics tools

So you can 100% focus on creating value from your use cases: