DaaS for partners: Agencies, consultants, vendors, platforms

Our DaaS platform is not limited to “end users”. You can use it for your customers as well, for example:

  • Agencies that offer data-driven services, e.g. ads
  • Consultants that build pipelines with user event data
  • Vendors of solutions that consume event data, e.g. marketing technologies
  • Platform providers that need analytics features in their products, e.g. B2B SaaS

Instead of dealing with data issues, focus on creating value for your customers. Our DaaS takes care of everything behind the scenes so you can focus on core features and services.

For over a decade now, I have architected analytics implementations and debugged them at the network and source code level to deliver the best event data possible.

My work with medium-sized to large companies in North America and Europe has provided me with a wealth of experience and a unique combination of traits:

  • Stereotypical German obsession for quality
  • Stereotypical Canadian kindness
  • Company in the business and data hub New York City

I believe very few have as deep an understanding of all the client-side and server-side technological details that affect data quality and reliability as I and other team members do.

You can find more information about past projects on my profiles on Cape.ly and LinkedIn, or on my personal website.