Ian Scheel

Hello, I am the founder of Cape.ly and I would like to evaluate with you how your company could benefit from our Data as a Service, its guaranteed data quality, and our solutions built on top of the high-quality data.

A decade of experience

For more than a decade, I have architected analytics implementations and debugged them at the network and source code level to deliver the highest-quality data possible.

I believe that very few have as deep an understanding of all the client-side and server-side technological details that affect data quality and reliability as I and other team members do.

Obsession for quality

Through a decade of working with primarily large companies across Europe and Canada, I have solidified traits that all data-dependent companies should look for in vendors:

Stereotypical German obsession for quality combined with stereotypical Canadian kindness. Cape.ly now serves US customers out of the business and data hub New York City.

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